Ninjutsu Class | Adults (15yo+)


Learn to persevere through life’s challenges by connecting to over 500 years of Warriorship. Study the methods of Japan’s most elite warriors – the Ninja and Samurai. Hone your body and mind.

Ninjutsu Training offers the means to developing confidence and enlightenment. Challenge yourself. Learn the techniques. The tactics. The methods and philosophy of Japan’s elite warriors. And in doing so gain deeper insight into yourself.

hone your body

Powerful Strikes

Learn to use your whole body to develop powerful strikes to various vital points.

Effective joint locks

Learn how to apply joint locks to completely control any opponent.

Devastating Throws

Discover how you can use your body for leverage to throw much larger opponents with ease.

hone your mind

Become a Weapon

Learn how to use mainland Feudal Japanese and modern weapons with precision, and turn anything at your disposal into a weapon.

Mentality to Persevere

Condition yourself mentally to persevere through any challenge

Obtain Enlightenment

Explore Japanese philosophy and meditation that leads to insight into yourself.