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Todai Bujinkan Dojo offers Martial Arts, Ninjutsu, and Self Defense in Moorpark CA, conveniently located 10 minutes from Simi Valley and 15 minutes from Thousand Oaks. Students come from as far as Chatsworth, Northridge and even the greater Los Angeles area to train here.

Immersive martial arts training that gets results fast

Our martial arts classes follow the traditional Japanese model where all ranks train together. This fully immerses students in techniques from across the art, as well as get help from more experienced members. This full immersion challenges students and increases their learning rate.

Self Defense training that gives Real Confidence

We believe the true value of a martial art is in its ability to be used for self protection. We always bring this focus into our classes. We want our students to have the confidence to stand up for themselves, and the real skills to protect their mind and body.