Get Fit. Get Confident. Become a Warrior

Get in shape and learn self defense by studying the Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai.

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What makes our martial arts training unique?

Fun and Challenging Classes

Our martial arts classes for adults and kids are both challenging and fun. Learn the Japanese fighting styles utilized by Samurai and Ninja. And get in the best shape of your life.

Proven Self Defense

Our martial arts classes double as self defense classes. Surviving the battlefield of ancient Japan and utilized by members of modern special forces, training at Todai is the ultimate self defense course.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Get in touch with the Samurai culture and their philosophies behind Zen Buddhism. Develop peace of mind, even when presented with challenges.

Feel Transported to Japan

When you enter our dojo, you’ll feel transported to Japan. And our martial art instructors bring you the authentic training experience that’s both immersive and engaging.

Choose your Training

Find the martial arts class that's right for you.

Adult Martial Arts Classes

Our adult-only two-hour classes balance challenge and fun. Get a full workout, learn self defense, explore Japanese culture, and develop your warrior spirit.

martial arts classes for kids

Our One-hour-45 minute Child Martial Art Classes get your kids off the couch while developing their confidence and discipline. Fun and engaging exercises will have them excited to come back for more.

Simple, Flexible and Inexpensive Memberships

down to less than $10 per class

Pay as little as less than $10 per class with one of our month-to-month memberships. Modify or cancel anytime.

Hear from some of our Students

Find out why we're rated 5 stars on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Dalaney T, Thousand Oaks CA

This place is amazing! I never tried a martial arts class before but it was always something that interested me, they offered a free class to see if it was something that I would like, and I was hooked right a way and knew I found what I was looking for!  

Edgar G, Moorpark CA

Todai Dojo's instructors and its students are amazing! ...after the first class I felt already part of the family, everyone there is so nice and helpful! I can say I'm a lot more confident in my life and Todai has opened a new door in my journey in life  

Robert K, Thousand Oaks CA

Ever since I joined this Dojo, I've gotten a fantastic learning opportunity. The Dojo owner and Sensei Scott Hamilton is an excellent teacher, very patient and professional. This is the 1st time I truly feel like a Japanese Dojo that I see on TV, videos and documentaries.  

Victoria H, Santa Paula CA

Great self defense practices, intense training and weapon self defense. I was sore after one class for days in areas I never knew could get sore. Great instructors who not only teach you the foundation but are so open to scenario questions and answers.