From: $120.00 / month

Build your foundation in Martial Arts, get in shape, and save big on classes.


Display your inner warrior with our "Bujin" tee. Contains the symbol of the Bujinkan.

From: $10.00 / month

Get access to the Densho online. Study continually updated notes and techniques.


If you want to train, you have to dress the part. Get your traditional Keiko Gi. Includes jacket, pants and belt.

From: $72.00 / month

Focus on sword training only while getting a discount on Kenjutsu classes. Mats for cutting included in price.


Get Fit. Get Confident. Learn the basics of Japanese Martial Arts and Self Defense in a 1 hour class.

From: $134.40 / month

Get warrior-level confidence on a tight schedule and budget.


Develop the confidence and enlightenment of a Warrior in a full 2 hour Ninjutsu Class.


Represent the Todai Clan with our classic tee! 

From: $153.60 / month

Full warriorship without compromise. Get access to all Todai Bujinkan Dojo classes for one price.

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