Why is Ninjutsu the Best Martial Art for Self Defense?

We focus our training on the Martial Art of Ninjutsu. We feel Ninjutsu offers the most value in terms of physical and mental self protection. Although a traditional art, we maintain a close connection to real skills that translates into practical means of defending yourself. The art will teach you how to have the right mentality in identifying and addressing a threat. Then it will back it up with the physical skills to take out a larger, more aggressive opponent.

What makes for good Self Defense?

Self Defense is a fundamental human right. We are all entitled to protecting ourselves both mentally and physically. However, most people typical imagine the physical portion. The truth is that real self protection is not just a physical skill, but a mental one as well. Good Self Defense incorporates more than just moves to take out a larger more aggressive opponent (although this indeed is an important part). Rather, it increases awareness and avoidance techniques before things turn physical. The sooner a threat can be identified, the better it can be dealt with.

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Self Defense that gives Real Confidence

We believe that the true value of training in a martial art is in the skills it provides for students to protect themselves. We create an authentic martial arts training experience that is immersive. Yet, the actual techniques being taught are applicable to modern self defense. This creates a unique and enriching experience while imparting valuable skills. The benefit of these mental and physical skills is a feeling of confidence. By knowing how to protect yourself, you become more comfortable with who you are and can stand up for what you believe.