Accomplish your goals with our Adult Martial Arts Classes

the gym is boring.
try our martial arts training instead

Doing the same workout in a crowded gym gets boring fast. And training in a fast paced Adult Martial Arts program gives you more than just a workout:

Get in Shape

Relieve Stress

Learn Self Defense

Build Confidence

Get in Shape

Martial Arts Training offers a great workout. Our 2 hour classes work your entire body with high intensity intervals. Burn calories, develop coordination and strengthen core muscles.

Relieve Stress

Martial Arts is a great way to recharge yourself. Relieve the day's stress and build back your focus. And have fun while you do.

Learn Self Defense

Learn serious self defense skills that give you the courage to face any situation. Our martial art classes will give you the ability to protect yourself, and the courage to stand up for yourself.

Build Confidence

Every challenge you face and conquer gives you the confidence boost you're looking for. The traditional Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai and Ninja will give you the true mindset of a warrior; calm, confident and resolute.

Available Adult Martial Arts Classes

No matter what you're looking for, we have the right class to accomplish your goals.

Adult Taijutsu

Traditional Japanese Martial Art Classes covering old school Jujutsu and Weapons training. Great for both beginners and experienced Martial Artists.

Adult Kenjutsu

Weapon focused Adult Martial Art Classes specializing in the Japanese Sword. Optionally get the full Samurai experience with practice cutting with real swords.

Hear from some of our Students

Find out why we're rated 5 stars on Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Dalaney T, Thousand Oaks CA

This place is amazing! I never tried a martial arts class before but it was always something that interested me, they offered a free class to see if it was something that I would like, and I was hooked right a way and knew I found what I was looking for!  

Edgar G, Moorpark CA

Todai Dojo's instructors and its students are amazing! ...after the first class I felt already part of the family, everyone there is so nice and helpful! I can say I'm a lot more confident in my life and Todai has opened a new door in my journey in life  

Robert K, Thousand Oaks CA

Ever since I joined this Dojo, I've gotten a fantastic learning opportunity. The Dojo owner and Sensei Scott Hamilton is an excellent teacher, very patient and professional. This is the 1st time I truly feel like a Japanese Dojo that I see on TV, videos and documentaries.  

Victoria H, Santa Paula CA

Great self defense practices, intense training and weapon self defense. I was sore after one class for days in areas I never knew could get sore. Great instructors who not only teach you the foundation but are so open to scenario questions and answers.  


Do I have to be in good shape?

Not particularly no. While there are some physical demands to training, you don't have to be an Olympic gymnast to get proficient in the art or participate in class (it certainly doesn't hurt though). And overtime, the classes will help you get into better shape.

Are these classes okay for beginners?

Absolutely. Even if you've never taken a martial art before you can participate in these classes. Full disclosure though, there is a learning curve. But the other more experienced students will help you get past the hump. We all remember starting out right where you are now!

How old do I have to be to participate in Adult Classes?

The age requirement is 16 years old. However, we do make exceptions depending on maturity of the student and their overall size.