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why study ninjutsu?

Spiritual and Mental Refinement

The art of Ninjutsu is the study of perseverance. Though training, you will hone your body, sharpen your resolve, and develop courage. In turn, you will gain insight into yourself.

A Complete Martial Art

Ninjutsu training covers a wide variety of skill sets based in nine different traditional martial arts lineages that trace back to Fuedal Iga. Strategy, hand-to-hand combat, mainland Japan weapons, and more are included. 

Effective for the Real World

Connecting to the Fuedal battlefields of Japan, techniques/methods are combat proven and effective self defense.

why Todai bujinkan dojo?

Qualified Instructor

Scott Hamilton regularly travels to Japan for training. He also has training from professionals in the military and law enforcement. Personable, professionable, and without ego.

Authentic Training

Engaging and challenging, nothing is watered down. What you get is the same training experience offered in Japan.

Feel Transported

The facility is meticulously modeled after traditional Japanese Dojo. This attention to detail has one singular focus – to make you feel like you’re transported to Japan in every class.


Meet the instructor

Scott hamilton

Dojo Cho (道場長) “School Head”

  • Rank: Hachidan (八段) – 8th Degree
  • Began Training: 2006

“I view my role as an instructor as an intermediary between our students and the masters in Japan. My goal is to bridge the gap between training in the U.S. and the training in the Hombu Dojo.

I believe training should balance fun with seriousness. While training should always be enjoyable, I also have responsibility to teach students the essence of the art and provide practical means for defending themselves.

My hope is through training our students will feel transformed into confident leaders to those around them – just as it has for me…”


what others say

I’ve been training in different Bujinkan dojos over the years and I really enjoy this one. It is friendly but what you are taught is serious life skills to defend yourself but on a deeper level – self reflection and transformation.  

Christopher L.

What I love best is the authenticity of it all,the instructor and students are so knowledgeable about the teachings of traditional Ninjutsu. Learning new skills and using the weaponry is empowering and so much fun!

Dalaney T.

This is the 1st time I truly feel like a Japanese Dojo that I see on TV, videos and documentaries. I cannot say enough good things about Scott Sensei and the Dojo and hope membership continues to grow.

Robert K.

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