I’ve now had my second day of training in Japan, and my brain is already full.

Like yesterday, the classes were Nagato and Noguchi. I kind of hit the wall in Nagato’s class and recovered in Noguchi.

Nagato went over a technique from Takagi Yoshin Ryu. The technique itself is pretty straight forward, but as the class progressed more and more variations were presented to expand on the concept of movement. My training partner was a familiar face from here; Jacque from South Africa – a Sandan now and an exellent one at that. The key was to get the uke’s head over their heels, something I was having trouble with and that Jacque was helping me with. We then used this concept to recieve and twist the uke’s head to spin them around and knock them down. Nagato then went further, demonstrating concepts of using metsubishi and a knife while performing the technique. He repeatedly said “move natural, not like you’re fighting. Move like your dancing – doing the tango.”

Noguchi gave us a real treat; we worked on the Chuden scroll of Kukishinden Ryu – one of my favorite set of waza. My training partner was an Ikkyu from Orange County – Dimitri, a student of Kyle Hayes. I can tell you this sets a whole new standard for being an Ikkyu because his technique was truly superb.  Noguchi went through the majority of the scroll, and there was particular importance to moving to the side of the opponent as well as creating a proper opening for the technique. Noguchi is a master of manipulating the body and locking the opponent’s spine, as well as using every part of his body as a weapon.

On to day 3 and Soke’s class…

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