Japanese Martial Arts for the Traditional Enthusiast

Challenge yourself with the most elite Japanese martial art taught in the traditional methods of Japan. While most schools “sanitize or “water-down” their training, we embrace the traditional formats and methods. Each of our martial arts classes will feel like a trip to Japan.



Definition of Martial Arts

Martial Arts are "warfare arts"; the word “martial” is derived from Mars, the Roman God of War. The Japanese call it "Budo" or "Warrior Way". Every culture has a method of warfare. True martial arts maintain their connection to combat, and can be used for self defense.

Martial Arts School that brings a piece of Japan

We train regularly in Japan. And everything we teach reflects our experience in Japanese martial arts training. We spare no detail in providing an environment where you will feel like you’re in Japan.

Our Martial Arts Instructors are your guides

Get the best guidance possible from our team of martial arts instructors. Qualified. Diligent. Caring. We are here to help you on your journey.

Martial arts classes feel like a trip to Japan

Every class you take will feel like a trip to Japan. You will be immersed in Japanese culture and methods of Martial Arts training.

Your Authentic Martial Arts Training is here

While most Martial Arts school water-down their training, we give you the full Japanese martial arts experience. Take a trip to Japan with our classes.

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