September 6th, 2014 – Shihan Woodard teaches the art of stick fighting, applying methods of both Escrima and Taijutsu. Participants are required to bring (2) Escrima sticks.

Cost is $35 per participant. Save $5 by checking in using social media at time of the event. This event is limited to 15 attendees. Reserve your spot by booking now!

Update: Escrima sticks will be available for purchase at the time of the event for $19.99 + tax per set of 2.

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Shidoshi Hamilton

<p>Scott Hamilton is an 8th degree black belt in the Bujinkan, and travels regularly to Japan to train. In addition to being the owner and head instructor of Todai Dojo, Scott is also the CEO of a national manufacturing company. He has also received training in other martial arts, and in-depth modern weapons training.</p>

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