Day 4 did not go as planned. It turned out to be a catch up on sleep day. Although there were 4 classes at Hombu, I was only able to make one, but it was a great class.

It turned out that Someya Sensei couldn’t make class so it was covered by Shihan Steve Olsen. Steve had done a seminar at Todai sometime ago, and he as charismatic as he is skilled in ability and knowledge.

He began the class by displaying the evolution of Japanese weapons; the kodachi became the nagamaki, and the nagamaki lead to katana, naginata and bisento. He explained that this wasn’t a “clean”  history. Rather, there is much rumor and speculation surrounding it’s origins, such as Chinese influence.

We then began to explore the techniques of the giant Bisento, and talked about how slowly samurai moved because of the weight of armor.


It was a fascinating look into the warfare of the time, and how things can change depending on the weapon and context and added a whole new level of depth.

The rest of the day was spent catching up on sleep and preparing for an early day tomorrow…

Shidoshi Hamilton

Scott Hamilton is an 8th degree black belt in the Bujinkan, and travels regularly to Japan to train. In addition to being the owner and head instructor of Todai Dojo, Scott is also the CEO of a national manufacturing company. He has also received training in other martial arts, and in-depth modern weapons training.

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