Ryusui Iki

Ryusui Iki (流水行き) “Going with the Flow of Water” implies using the momentum of an opponent. These throws are considered Sutemi (“Sacrifice”) techniques since they require you to go to the ground.

The Ryusui Iki (流水行き) throws are primarily derived from Koto Ryu Koppojutsu Okuden Gata, and Takagi Yoshin Ryu Chuden no Tai no Kata.

Tachi Nage (立投) “Standing Throw”

Tachi Nage (立投) utilizes your body weight and momentum to pull the uke head first into the ground.

Uke grabs both lapels:

  1. Reach in between the uke’s arms and grab their lapels.
  2. Make a small leap and shoot your body through and in between the uke’s legs.
  3. Pull down powerfully driving the uke head first into the ground above your head.

Tomoe Nage (巴投) “Circular Throw”

Tomoe Nage (巴投) uses the foot to powerfully throw the uke over your body.

Uke grabs in kumiuchi:

  1. Grab uke in kumiuchi.
  2. Pull down on right shoulder.
  3. Place your right foot in uke’s left koe.
  4. Rock to your back – bringing uke with you.
  5. Kick uke 45 degrees to your right – throwing them into the air.

Yoko Nage (横投) “Side Throw”

Yoko Nage (横投) uses the side of the body to throw an uke forward. Technically, this can be done to the front of the uke, to the side, or to the rear.

Uke grabs in kumiuchi:

  1. Grab uke in kumiuchi
  2. Take a small hop, turning your body counterclockwise and extending your right leg.
  3. Descend to the ground, pressing your right leg and hip into the waist of the uke.
  4. Pull the uke to your left as they are being thrown.
  5. As you land, keep your right leg up to protect the groin.

Te Makura (手枕) “Hand Pillow”

Te Makura (手枕) employs a shoulder lock to drive the uke head first into the ground.

Uke grabs in kumiuchi:

  1. Step forward with left foot to the outside of the uke.
  2. Remove uke’s right hand with your left, and extend it behind them.
  3. Bring your right arm underneath the uke’s right arm, and grab the back of your head with your right hand (this locks the shoulder).
  4. With right leg, kick out uke’s left leg.
  5. Descend backwards to the ground.

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