Introduction to Nanakyu


  • Level 3 (72 Classes)
  • Able to demonstrate
    • Kihon Happo
    • Gyaku Waza

What will I learn in Nanakyu?

Nanakyu focuses on throwing basics, introducing the student to the fundamental throws that are later utilized in specific techniques. Special focus should be paid to taking the balance of the opponent, and their natural reactions that can be used to accelerate a throw.

Gata List

  • Ganseki Waza
    • Ganseki Otoshi
    • Ganseki Osai
  • Osoto Waza
    • Osoto Gake
    • Osoto Gari
    • Osoto Nage
  • Koshi Waza
    • Koshi Nage
    • Gyaku Koshi Nage
    • Harai Goshi Nage
    • Gyaku Harai Goshi Nage
    • Uchi Mata Uchi Gake
    • Hane Goshi Nage
  • Seoi Waza
    • Morote Seoi Nage
    • Ippon Seoi Nage
    • Gyaku Seoi Nage
  • Ryusui Iki
    • Tachi Nage
    • Tomoe Nage
    • Yoko Nage
    • Te Makura

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Osoto Waza