Introduction to Ranking

Bujinkan Ranking

The Bujinkan utilizes the more traditional Kyu/Dan rank system consisting of 3 belt colors: white, green, black. Bujinkan guidelines stipulate that a student should take a minimum of 3 months to rank from kyu to kyu.

Godan is only awarded in Japan, and requires a recommendation from a Japanese Shihan as well as successfully passing the Sakki test.

Todai Ranking Method

Since students train at various frequency, we base ranking on number of classes attended. The more frequently a student trains, the quicker they will progress in rank. We track this through a “level system” that corresponds to a given rank. Each level is 24 classes. The chart below illustrates the relationship between level, number of classes, and corresponding rank.

Note: While leveling is automatic, ranking is NOT; rank promotion is at the discretion of the instructor.

1249th Kyu
2488th Kyu
3727th Kyu
4966th Kyu
51205th Kyu
61444th Kyu
71683rd Kyu
81922nd Kyu
102401st Kyu

*Godan is only awarded in Japan.


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