Dojo Etiquette

This is general etiquette for a Dojo, and is the same etiquette that should be practiced in Japan.

Entering/Exiting: It is customary to give a small bow when entering and exiting the dojo, as well as stepping onto and leaving the training mat. A small nod of acknowledgement in the direction of the “Kamidana” (shrine) is sufficient.

No Shoes: You should always remove your shoes when entering the dojo, and never wear outdoor footwear onto the mat. Also, make sure to use the sandals provided in the restroom.

Tardiness: If you arrive late to class (and it happens to all of us), make sure not to disturb the training. Once you are ready to train, stand at the edge of the mat until you are instructed to join class.

Be Prepared for Class: Make sure to always bring what you need for training to class, this includes:

  • Your Gi (Uniform) and Belt
  • Necessary tuition for class (or booking and paying for class online before the start)
  • Something to take notes with (pen and paper/tablet/phone/etc.)

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