Introduction to Kihon Happo

Kihon Happo (基本八法) “Fundamental Eight Ways”

The Kihon Happo is the 8 fundamental techniques of Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu. It teaches application of basic blocks, strikes, and joint manipulation utilized in the various techniques.

There is considerable overlap between these fundamentals and those of the other ryu-ha. While there are subtle differences in the method of application of each school, it will be utilized as a reference going forward in your training.

Alternate Versions

There are several versions of how the Kihon Happo is taught. In the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki, developed as a guide book by Soke to study all the various schools, some techniques of the Torite Goho were substituted for others to make it more universally applicable. Typical variations are:

  • Substituting Muso Dori for Ganseki Nage
  • Removing Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki, and adding Onikudaki
  • Combination of both above

For our purposes, we will study the Kihon Happo as it was originally formatted in Gyokko Ryu.


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