When you train in our Martial Arts School, you’ll forget you’re not really in Japan.

Todai Bujinkan Dojo is a very special martial arts school. “Todai” (灯台) means lighthouse in Japanese (lit. “Big Light”). “Dojo” (道場) means school (lit. “the place of the way”). This describes how we view our ninjutsu school, as a place that guides people to the way. We believe in being a sanctuary for our students, providing martial arts classes that feel like Japan, and imparting real skills of self defense to our students.

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This is the 1st time I truly feel like I’m in a Japanese Dojo that I’ve seen on TV, videos and documentaries.

Also having the opportunity to travel to Japan to learn from the Masters directly is a great benefit with this Dojo…

- Robert Kriger

With safety and efficacy as our priority, our martial arts instructors take your training seriously

Our staff of Martial Arts Instructors have decades of experience. Coming from a variety of Martial Arts and professional backgrounds, our instructors are focused on giving you not only a trans-formative experience, but also real skills that can translate into a meaningful impact on your life.

Fantastic Dojo with an experienced and excellent teacher instructing in a practical use art for the betterment of self.

The dojo is also very clean and air conditioned unlike some others I've been to…

- Bredon Brink

Do you have what it takes to study the world’s most elite martial art?

We teach the unique art of Ninjutsu as practiced by the Bujinkan. Ninjutsu offers incredible depth, both in terms of being one of the best martial arts for self defense and the mental, philosophical, cultural perspective as well. This is why we focus exclusively on this art and to preserve its tradition. Our Ninjutsu school is one of the very few in Ventura Country and California.