Every Martial Arts Class feels like a Trip to Japan

You don’t want just a class, you want an experience. Most schools try to “Westernize” training. It gets repetitive. Boring. You won’t find that here. Every class is designed to make you feel like you’re in Japan. We spare no detail in providing an authentic Japanese Martial Arts Class both vigorous and fun.

Feel like you're in Japan with a Free Class

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Martial Arts Classes from the Real Thing

All our classes are from our first hand experience training in Japan. We format our classes with the methods of various Japanese Shihan (“Masters”) that we train with. You will become proficient quickly, while never being bored. Classes balance drilling of basics with variety of material. No two classes are the same. And just like in Japan, all ranks train together. This means you have someone always ready to help you in every class.

Martial Arts Classes that embrace Japanese Culture

We know you want the full Japanese experience. So we embrace Japanese culture as part of the class. You will develop a deep understanding of the culture behind the martial art. This will inform your understanding of the history, methodology and wisdom behind the techniques you will learn.

Here's what our students have to say

"What I love best is the authenticity of it all...Taking this class has really brought something special and positive into my life and I am so happy I found it."

Dalaney Thompson

"Great training with a touch of humor makes this an excellent experience for anyone wanting to learn a martial art."

Kerega Melville

Martial Art Classes that provide an entire experience

If you are looking for martial arts classes that provide the full experience, your search is over. The structure. The skills. The culture. We provide you the total Japanese Martial Arts experience.

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