The Martial Art of Ninjutsu

The art we teach, Ninjutsu, traces it's history to the Samurai and Ninja of Fuedal Japan. Yet, it has also continued to evolve to remain relevant in a society of modern combat. Todai Bujinkan Dojo prides itself on providing not only a truly authentic martial art experience, but also one that serves as a practical means of self protection.

Do you know what defines Martial Arts?

Martial Arts means "warfare arts" derived from Mars, the Roman God of War. Similarly in Japanese this is referred to as "Budo" or "Warrior way". Every culture has a method of warfare. However, for an art to truly connect to their "Martial" roots it must maintain a connection to combat. Therefore, true combat arts are effective for self defense.

What makes our training elite is not just the art we teach, but also how we teach it. We believe that the experience of training is just as vital for students as the art being studied. Hence, we make no compromises in our training standards nor in the experience itself.

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Immersive Martial Arts classes that give proficiency quickly

Our traditional focus creates immersion into the martial art and culture from day one. Just like learning a language, this approach means that your proficiency in our martial art happens quickly. Training is with all belt levels, and exposes students to a variety of techniques that is both challenging and rewarding.

Find out what it’s like training in Japan, without ever leaving the country

Todai Bujinkan dojo is a Traditional Japanese School of Budo. Our goal is to create an experience where students feel like they are training in Japan. We take our connection to Japan seriously. In fact, we regularly take school trips to train with the masters in Japan. This level of authenticity is hard to match.