Our Japanese Dojo makes you feel like you’re training in Japan. Minus the 11 hour flight.

Not your typical Martial Arts Studio

Our training facilities bring you the experience of training in real Japanese Dojo. The design and layout is directly inspired by the training halls in Japan. This creates a truly immersive Japanese Martial Arts experience.

Quality Facilities for your Physical Training

Our training facilities are not just about decor. We also provide equipment you need to  train safely. These include:

Mat Floor

Soft tatami flooring mats that reduce risk of injuries for slips and falls.

Tumbling Mats

Tumbling mats that offer an extra layer of safety when attempting challenging maneuvers

Training Weapons

Durable quality training weapons are provided for free for your peace of mind.

Experienced Black Belt Teachers without Ego

Our Martial Arts Instructors are focused on helping our students become quality martial artists. We have years of experience teaching both Adults and Children. And our staff of educators have designed martial arts programs that give you an authentic experience based on our training in Japan. We’re focused on teaching martial arts and self defense. Not on inflating our own egos. The focus is always on properly teaching you our martial art.

Scott Hamilton
Andrew Stringfellow