Martial Arts Memberships

Become a part of the Todai Clan and start building your inner warrior.

How do I become a Member?

Getting started is an easy 3 step process:



Apply Online

Fill out our student application for membership. We only allow 20 members at a time. If there’s no space available we’ll add you to our waiting list.



Be Our Guest in Class

After reviewing your application, we’ll contact you to schedule a class. You’ll get to experience the training first hand, and we’ll be able to see if you’re a good fit for the dojo. There’s no charge for the first lesson.



Sign Up

If after the first class we decide we’re a good fit for each other, you’ll be able to sign up for membership. A new uniform will be provided and you’ll be granted access to the Online Densho.

Why do I have to apply?

We are a small and exclusive community. We only allow 20 members at a time. So we’re fairly selective of who we allow to train. This is in keeping with the tradition of our martial art.¬†With that being said, we can give you some insight on how we go about letting new students in:


  1. We base it primarily on attitude: if you have a good attitude and heart, that’s most important to us.
  2. Your goals are something we can help with: if we think we can help you in achieving your goals, then we’re happy to do so. Otherwise, we may refer you to another school that might better meet your needs.

Todai Clan Membership


No Sign-Up Fees

There’s no sign-up fee or annual membership required.


Uniform Included

Your first uniform is on the house. And you can request a new uniform every year. No charge.


No Equipment Purchases

Use the available equipment in the dojo or bring from home. No extra purchases required.


Unlimited Classes

Show up to as many classes as you like at no extra charge.


Online Densho Included

Want to study at home too? You get automatic All Access to our Online Densho with your membership


Pause or Cancel Anytime

Something came up? Have to take a break from training? Pause or cancel your membership anytime.



Per Month