Experienced Martial Arts Instructors

Our Martial Arts School teachers are qualified and certified to teach you our art and self defense. 

What are the requirements for instructor certification in the Bujinkan?

Bujinkan Martial Arts Instructors must obtain 5th degree black belt (“Godan”) to teach without direct supervision. This requires approximately 10 years of training, and the martial artist passing a test only given in Japan.

Meet our Instructors

Scott Hamilton

Owner/Head Instructor

8th Degree Black Belt

Scott Hamilton was able to achieve his Black Belt in a year under Shihan Matthew Woodard, and travels regularly to Japan to train. In 2012 he passed his Godan test and received the rank of Shidoshi (“Teacher of the Warrior Ways”) to become a certified Martial Arts Instructor in the Bujinkan. 

Scott also received in depth weapons and shooting training from Shihan Matthew Woodard, as well as tactical training from Covered Six in Simi Valley.

Scott also speaks conversational Spanish and Japanese.

Andrew Stringfellow


6th Degree Black Belt

Andrew has studied Tae Kwon Do, Sho Rin Ryu Okinawan Style Karate, Lon Fu), Jujutsu, Aikido and Marine Corps Martial Arts System.

In 1995 Andrew began training with Shihan Kyle Hayes at his Bujinkan OC Dojo.  In May 2007 Andrew passed his Godan test to become a certified Martial Arts instructor by the Bujinkan.

Andrew worked in the field of Executive Protection for 10 years. And has assisted as a Fugitive Recovery agent.

Andrew trained Orange County Sheriff’s officers and continues teaching martial arts to members of Ventura County Police Department and LAPD.