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From: $97.00 / month

Become a total warrior training in both Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu classes at a discount.

From: $109.00 / month

Law Enforcement only! Train with fellow law enforcement professionals in Arrest & Control classes at a discount.

From: $90.00 / month

Get access to Ninjutsu Kids and Teen Classes at a discount!



Densho Membership

From: $10.00 / month

Get access to the Densho online. Study continually updated notes and techniques.


Adults (15yo+) Only! You're tired of feeling full of doubt, lacking confidence, and feeling afraid. Train in challenging 2 hour classes. Accomplish more each time. Train out the fear. Become a confident warrior.


Adults (15yo+) Only! You're looking to develop your will power and resolve. But most martial arts schools don't offer the culture and soul of their art. Learn how to master Japan's most iconic weapon in 2 hour classes. Sharpen your focus. Gain the warrior spirit.


Teens 13-15 years old only! The Art of Shinobi. Learn how to perform amazing feats that you thought were only possible in Anime. Combat tactical acrobatics. Real self defense. Seriously. This is Ninjutsu. Who doesn’t want to be a Ninja?


Kids 9-12 years old only! As a parent, you are in a constant battle against the negative influences on your kids. Ninjutsu training will help them become a fit and confident warrior in body and spirit.


Law Enforcement Only! You have to deal with potentially dangerous non-compliant subjects while avoiding costly litigation and liability. Train how to obtain leverage utilizing position, timing and angling for a professional and controlled outcome. Learn a surveillance sensitive approach that avoids a mountain of paper work, liability and litigation.




If you want to train, you have to dress the part. Get your traditional Keiko Gi. Includes jacket, pants and belt.


Display your inner warrior with our "Bujin" tee. Contains the symbol of the Bujinkan.


Represent the Todai Clan with our classic tee!  

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