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Women Self Defense is Important

Women Self Defense is important. Predators often target women for victimization. Also men have higher testosterone levels. This makes men more aggressive. This is why we believe Self Defense for Women is so important. Women should never feel powerless or afraid, regardless of their situation.

Why Women take Self Defense Classes

Many of our female students have used our self defense training to protect themselves, or are survivors of self defense situation. Those who have survived violence are often looking to gain back their sense of control. 

Our Self Defense Training for Women

We teach people how to protect themselves. The information provided about self defense for women is both from our personal training, and reputable third-party experts. Our hope is that the articles provided will give insight into women self defense.

If you are interested in self defense for women, we invite you to come try our self defense training for free.


Defend Yourself from Hate

Due to the current political climate and what is happening across our nation, we think everyone should start learning self defense. Here we’re going to identify the statistics that make a strong case for a rise in hate speech, our rights of free speech, and how to defend yourself from hate. The Rise of Hate […]

There’s no such thing as Women’s Self Defense

Say whaa? Yeah – I said it. There’s no such thing as Women’s Self Defense. There is only Self Defense. Why would I make such a statement – someone who teaches women (and men) self defense? Some one who has advertisements that specifically target women to learn self defense? The answer is because it’s true. […]

Why I teach self defense

I have been touched by moments in my short time teaching self defense at Todai. I have seen students take leap and bounds in growth through their sheer determination and enthusiasm. I have scratched at the walls of my limitations as I’ve stumbled through the dark of finding new identity. I have seen a community […]

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