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Learn Self Defense Laws

Understanding self defense laws is an important part of self defense training. In every situation there is likely to be legal repercussions. Because of this, having a basic understanding of the legal aspect of self defense can be just as important as knowing how to defend yourself.

Yet, this is often something not talked about in most self defense classes. Often the subject of legal consequence takes a back seat to the physical act of protecting oneself. We believe in preparing a student for the entire situation.This is why we make it a point to teach our students about self defense laws in addition to self defense tactics.

Much of the information we provide comes from polices officers and those with legal experience. However, it is important to take everything here with a grain of salt and talk to a reputable attorney. Todai Bujinkan Dojo is not a law firm, and our advice cannot replace that of a lawyer.


Defend Yourself from Hate

Due to the current political climate and what is happening across our nation, we think everyone should start learning self defense. Here we’re going to identify the statistics that make a strong case for a rise in hate speech, our rights of free speech, and how to defend yourself from hate. The Rise of Hate […]

Defending your Castle

This was inspired by a post on Quora where someone posted the following: My friend was at a house with three other individuals.  They were partying and apparently they had entered the house without the owner’s permission. The owner showed up and told them to get out. My friend said they refused and they might […]

The Truth Behind Gun Control


In our second article on the Second Amendment, we will be looking at the efficacy (or lack thereof) of gun control. If you read our first article on the history behind our Second Amendment right to bare arms, you’ll know that it was formed by compromise between a means for defending the country against invasion, […]

The Rules of Self Defense

We often talk about our martial art not being a sporting art, since there are “no rules to self-defense” or “no refs in a street-fight”. However, that is not entirely correct. In fact, there are quite a few rules regarding self-defense and impacts that extend beyond a physicality of the encounter.

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