Self defense isn’t gender specific; what works for one sex should be applicable to the other. Still there are unique aspects to Women Self Defense that warrant discussion and focus.

The Difference Between Men and Women

Let me preface this by explaining that we don’t believe in the “weaker” sex; women are just as capable and have the same potential as their male counterparts (and in a few cases – a bit of an edge). So no woman should feel that martial arts or self defense training is just a guy thing – it’s important for everyone regardless of gender.

Unique Challenges for Women

Having said that men and women are different, and women face unique challenges due to their gender. First from a physiological stand point, men tend to have more muscular and physical strength on average than women. This means that if you have to ever defend yourself from an aggressive attacker, you should assume your opponent will be stronger than you. Also women tend to be targeted more for this reason; since society labels women as the “weaker” sex, they become a preferred target to predators.

The Female Advantage

But you’re not really at a disadvantage – in fact you may have an advantage over your male counterparts: it’s your brain. Without getting into all the specific science, studies have shown that women’s brains are more interconnected than mens’ – particularly with the emotion centers. This means women tend to do better with multitasking – which can help when dealing with a threat. Also, since women are more connected with their emotion centers, they are more empathetic and can read the emotions of other people better – also useful for spotting someone with ominous intentions.

The Formula for Women’s Self Defense

Women’s self defense needs to take these factors into consideration. Women’s self defense techniques must focus on being effective without utilizing strength while also harnessing their emotional power or “women’s intuition”. Also, predators are cowards; as soon as they find out that their assumptions of women as weaker are grossly incorrect, they will usually retreat.

The martial art that we utilize is a perfect fit for women’s self defense: Ninjutsu. Developed by the Japanese on battlefields filled with heavily clad samurai, they quickly figured out methods of being highly effective when strength wasn’t in their favor. In fact, there are techniques specific to “Kunoichi” or female ninja in our art.

But don’t take our word on this. Here’s what one of our students said:

“I’m a 38 year old single mother of an energetic 12 year old. My daughter is my life. We went to Rio [Brazil] for Spring Break, just the two of us. One night while we were there, we took a walk along the beach at about 8pm. Unfortunately, we were not alone. Three men armed with knives tried to attack us. I was scared to death. However, our training kicked in and my daughter and I turned back-to-back to defend ourselves. When it was all said and done, we had disarmed and disabled all three attackers. It was amazing. It was terrifying. But most importantly, it was empowering for both me and my daughter.”   – Gayle. G

If you are looking for women’s self defense, you will be hard pressed to find a better martial art or school then ours.

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