First thanks for our guests who came by, and congratulations to our newest member Gindora Reeves on joining the Todai Clan! Here is a break down on what we worked on today:

Haibu Yori “Attacks from Behind”

Yubi Kudaki “Finger Break”

The important part of this technique is moving with the grab offline and striking the throat without hesitating.

Ketsu Miyaku “Tightening Vein”

First we practiced Sankaku Jime (Triangle Choke) – the attack for this kata. We practiced several versions, including the popular “rear-naked choke” version. The important thing is to begin countering immediately before the choke is secured.


We began with some basic defenses that can be applied to any bladed weapon. Getting out of the way of the attack is always the first step, then it’s a matter of simply applying kihon – such as omote gyaku.

Korai “Tiger Fall”

One of my personal favorites, this throw involves using a Katate Nage-esque throw to flip the opponent. When executing the throw, it’s important to be close to your opponent so they are forced to flip and cannot escape otherwise. The movement is circular while pulling the arm across the hips (like starting a lawn mower). One of the flashier techniques, and lots of fun.

We also played with the concept of using the wakizashi against the opponent in a manner that was natural and organic. As Soke Hatsumi often says “just because you have a weapon, doesn’t mean you have to use it” – or necessarily as intended.


We finished off class with a couple firearms disarms. This is, again, a matter of applying kihon – such as ura and omote gyaku. The intial movement should be done simultaneously moving the hands and blading the body so that you’re offline. Moving the hands just before helps cut down on telegraphing. When applying the technique, use your whole body, and attempt to place the firearms on the ground to pin it.

Also, as Felten-san pointed out, if you pin the hands of the gun, you wont disarm them, but rather disable them. Inversely, taking control of the gun should be used to disarm.


Lots of fun stuff today. See you next class!

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