All parents care about helping their child grow into a happy and responsible adult. However, that can be easier said than done.

As a parent, you’re constantly battling negative influences on your child – and sometimes even their own apathy. Keeping them engaged in activities that help their personal growth is key.

And one such activity that can help your child greatly is having them participate in a Martial Art.

How do kids benefit from Martial Arts training?

There are numerous benefits for children to study martial arts. Let’s break down what benefits they can see, and how the nature of martial arts training helps:

How do Martial Arts compare to Team Sports?

There is considerable overlap between the benefits of participating in team sports and Martial Arts. And while both Martial Arts and Team sports are great for developing your child’s character, athleticism and social skills,  there are some subtle differences that may make Martial Arts a better fit for your child.

At what age should kids start martial arts training?

This can be highly subjective, depending on why you want your child to start training in martial arts.

At our dojo we have kids start as young as 9 years old. This age is appropriate because of the development stage children reach at this age.

Inductive Reasoning

In Piaget’s theory of child development, children at this age begin to develop concrete operational thinking. This means a child can use more logic in observation and problem solving when it comes to concrete things. And the child can use inductive reasoning to make generalizations about the world.

 An example of inductive reasoning would be:

If a labrador is a dog, and dogs are animals, then labradors are animals.

How this works with Martial Arts training

In martial arts training, a student is learning in large part through inductive reasoning: “If I do this technique in this fashion, then this is the outcome.” As the student is more exposed to techniques and examples, the more they can make a generalization about the principles of the art, internalize the concepts, and progress more quickly.

Why not younger?

While there isn’t necessarily harm in having a child start a martial art younger than 9 years old, the nature of the experience for the child changes. 

If you’re around Moorpark and interested in giving your child the benefits of Martial Arts training, bring them by to try a class! We promise they’ll thank you for it.

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