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Effective Self Defense Training

Self Defense Training is one of the most valuable things you can study. Thankfully, few of us will actually have to physically defend ourselves. However, being prepared is better an being caught off-guard. We believe that no one should feel powerless, nor live in fear.

Truly effective self defense isn’t limited to martial arts training. Rather, effective training addresses the mental and legal impacts. The goal of self defense is to minimize and de-escalate threats while preserving personal safety.

Todai Bujinkan Dojo focuses on real self defense skills. We believe our art of Ninjutsu is the best martial art for self defense. Yet, we also address factors other than physical self protection. If you want truly effective self defense coupled with a unique martial art experience, we invite you to try a class for free.


[RANT] Incompetent Self Defense Instructor

I usually don’t openly criticize other teachers – especially those in the same art. Sure I have my own opinions, but I don’t pretend to be an expert in all things. There might be something someone is showing that I just don’t understand yet. But every once in a while, I run into something so […]

Best Weapon for Home Self Defense

Dog Best Weapon for Home Self Defense

The other night I was at a get together for a friend’s birthday. While there, one of my long time friends brought up that he was thinking of getting a gun, but was unsure of what to get. I am a gun advocate, and own several. “What do you think? Should I get a revolver […]

Defend Yourself from Hate

Due to the current political climate and what is happening across our nation, we think everyone should start learning self defense. Here we’re going to identify the statistics that make a strong case for a rise in hate speech, our rights of free speech, and how to defend yourself from hate. The Rise of Hate […]

There’s no such thing as Women’s Self Defense

Say whaa? Yeah – I said it. There’s no such thing as Women’s Self Defense. There is only Self Defense. Why would I make such a statement – someone who teaches women (and men) self defense? Some one who has advertisements that specifically target women to learn self defense? The answer is because it’s true. […]

Theory becomes Reality: A Student’s Self Defense Story

To study a combative art is often a paradox; we hope that our training will never be needed. This is akin to the saying that “soldiers pray for peace, but hope for war.” And while we hope that we will be able to rise to the challenge of a self defense situation, we often pray […]

Defending your Castle

This was inspired by a post on Quora where someone posted the following: My friend was at a house with three other individuals.  They were partying and apparently they had entered the house without the owner’s permission. The owner showed up and told them to get out. My friend said they refused and they might […]

The Truth Behind Gun Control


In our second article on the Second Amendment, we will be looking at the efficacy (or lack thereof) of gun control. If you read our first article on the history behind our Second Amendment right to bare arms, you’ll know that it was formed by compromise between a means for defending the country against invasion, […]

Why I teach self defense

I have been touched by moments in my short time teaching self defense at Todai. I have seen students take leap and bounds in growth through their sheer determination and enthusiasm. I have scratched at the walls of my limitations as I’ve stumbled through the dark of finding new identity. I have seen a community […]

The Truth Behind the Second Amendment

Second Amendment

Here is our two-part discussion on the Second Amendment – as it relates to our rights as Americans and it’s implications for self defense. The Second Amendment is one of the more controversial Amendments in our Bill of Rights. Opposition to the right to bear arms argue that gun violence is inherently a product of […]

The Rules of Self Defense

We often talk about our martial art not being a sporting art, since there are “no rules to self-defense” or “no refs in a street-fight”. However, that is not entirely correct. In fact, there are quite a few rules regarding self-defense and impacts that extend beyond a physicality of the encounter.

Reminders From Connecticut

Connecticut School Shooting

…life is uncertain and frequently unfair. We often reassure ourselves that as long as we are good people, good things will happen to us. And if something bad happens, then there has to be some reason for it. Even though concepts like fairness and karma sound good and provide comfort, the harsh reality is that sometimes terrible things happen to good people – innocent people.

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