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The Martial Arts Training Experience

Martial Arts Training is an incredibly rewarding experience. We are a Japanese Martial Arts School. We want to make sure our students as well as other practitioners get the most out of their training. This is why we focus not just on the techniques of our specific art but also the overall martial arts training experience.

The training experience can very quite a bit, depending on the martial art and the school. Some arts and schools have a very traditionalist, hard training approach while others are much more relaxed, and less formal. Depending on your goals you might find one type of Martial Arts Training preferable to the other.

At Todai Bujinkan dojo, our classes focus on a traditional experience while focusing on effective self defense training. We do this through the study of the Martial Art of Ninjutsu that traces back to ancient Japan. If you are looking for a traditional martial art that is also effective and engaging, we invite you to try a class for free.

The Secrets of Koryu Martial Arts

Studying Koryu (lit. “Old School”) arts are more about gaining trust of the teacher rather than developing skill per se. Most of what is in a Koryu art is kept secret from the majority of practitioners, with the most sensitive or secretive information reserved the most dedicated and trusted students. Keeping Koryu Secret Martial Arts […]

The 2 types of Japanese Martial Arts

While there are countless ways to catagorize martial arts in general, Japanese martial arts typically fall within two distinct catagories based on age: Koryu Bujutsu and Gendai Budo. Koryu vs Gendai Literally translating to “Old School”, a Koryu is any martial arts system whose founding predates the Meiji Restoration in 1868. The Meiji Restoration is […]

[RANT] Beware the Ego

Sometimes I’m shocked at the shear ego and hubris of Martial Artists. Especially since letting go of ego is such a huge part of Japanese Budo. But some people, talented or not, are completely wrapped up in themselves. And my recent exchange might take the cake. I’m not here to publicly shame anyone, but rather […]

A History of Grappling

sumo ceremony

There is no shortage of Martial Arts from across the world that deal with throwing and maneuvering a person. While we will touch upon a variety of arts, we will be focusing on Japanese Grappling Arts in particular (it’s kind of our thing). The Oldest Form of Combat The art of grappling as a sport […]

Why Japanese is Tough

The other day we had a guest in class who happened to be Japanese. He spends lots of time with his family in Japan and so is fluent. I always like to talk with native speakers since it helps me improve my Japanese which is…well…less than perfect. But I try to incorporate as much Japanese […]

MMA is not new

Martial Arts Traditions

MMA is Older than You Think Many consider MMA as a revolution in Martial Arts – the concept of studying different things simultaneously. And while MMA as a Sport is a recent development, the mixing of Arts is much older. As units of Ninja and Samurai worked along side each other, certain ideas and concepts […]

Martial Arts Contracts


The Potential Dangers of Martial Arts Contracts The other day, my neighbor was asking about my Martial Arts School, and during that conversation came up the subject of contracts. Turns out, she used to sell gym contracts, and said she never liked to sell them. “I would say how much money it would save them, […]

The Importance of Kanji in Japanese Martial Arts

Japanese Martial Arts and Kanji: Gaining a Deeper Understanding of the Technique Japanese language can be confusing – it’s different than the English we speak in many ways. This means understanding certain things can be challenging and ambiguous when studying a Japanese Martial Art. Ambiguity and Context The English language is a very difficult language […]

What it means to be a Martial Arts Instructor

Nagato Sensei

It still feels odd to consider myself a Martial Arts Instructor or to be referred to as a Sensei. It feels…undeserved. I consider myself a student first, since there is so much I need to learn. But the events of the past year have thrust me into this position, and have forced me to learn […]

The Martial Art of Tennis?

Now normally, when we think of sports as being related to martial arts, Tennis is not the first to leap to mind. Yet the other day, I had the opportunity to take a lesson from my uncle, Dick Wagner, who is a former Tennis pro. Pretty soon into the lesson, I started noticing similarities between things my uncle Dick said, and things that Soke talks about when we train in Japan, as well as aspects of learning tennis itself. And by taking a Tennis lesson, I was able to gain some insight into our martial arts training. So here are some thoughts on the connection between two seemingly unrelated activities.

Taking Martial Arts Classes

The format of Martial Arts Classes can vary quite dramatically depending on the Martial Art, and the teacher. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find one class format suits your goals better than another. As a traditional dojo, our martial arts classes follow the format you would normally see while training in Japan. […]

Defining Martial Arts

What exactly makes a Martial Art? There are thousand of different styles of Martial Arts – some studied for hundreds of years, and some being created right now. So what qualifies as a Martial Art and what do they have to offer? Defining Martial Arts The term Martial Art doesn’t come from the east, but […]

The Price of Ego

In my last trip to Japan, Soke Hatsumi talked about the concept of “letting go”. He was specifically referencing when to let go of a technique when it has fulfilled it’s usefulness, or when the situation changes. He said that it was important to remain free to let go in order to succeed. But like so many of his lessons, it applies to much more than martial arts.

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