Welcome everyone to 2016!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about the present state of the Todai Clan and the future of our little community.

First and foremost, our Clan of Budoka saw some growth in 2015. In addition to the familiar friendly faces we saw some new members join us in our pursuit of Ninpo. The clan is strong and growing as new people find out about Todai.

2015 also saw many milestones for our individual journey into Ninjutsu; new ranks, challenges and overall growth in our movement. 2015 reminded us of why we train – in particular to the growing threat of active shooters and possibility of terrorism on our shores. However, each of these situations – as terrible and tragic as they are – offer us new perspective on what and why we train.

2015 also was the first time I was able to take some students to Japan, and introduce them to the Masters we all look up to; this is something I hope to expand on as we take a larger group for our 2016 trips to Japan. I have always considered my position as a “middle-man”; creating the experience of training in Japan as a means to prepare each of you to experience it first hand.

2015 also saw an explosion in awareness of the Todai Clan; we’ve been contacted by promoters and production companies, we have potential new members contacting us from as far as downtown LA, and the light of Todai is reaching even across the country – and the world. We are starting to become something greater as we build connections across the Bujinkan and Martial Arts community.

The future also looks bright; we will be starting the year with an awesome seminar from Steve Olsen, a Shihan living in Japan. We also have plans to have more exciting and new seminars to expand our training and skill set, including but not limited to:

  • Judoka seminar
  • Live sword cutting seminar
  • Covered 6 SWAT for a day
  • Shihan Woodard Seminar
  • Other Bujinkan guest instructors
  • and more…

On the financial front, the dojo is ever closer to financial stability; as our community grows we become ever closer to reaching a point where we can effectively cover our costs. In the past 3 years since I have taken over Todai, I have acted as the financial guarantor, supplementing revenue to keep our community alive. I’m happy to do this; Todai is more than a business – it’s a second family – and is my passion. However, my goal has always been to reach a point of self-sufficiency where money is no longer a concern or a pressure that can interrupt our training. As we reach financial freedom, we can truly focus on what matters – our training.

I look forward to another awesome year with all of you, and I’m so proud to have a community like Todai. Each of you should be proud yourselves to; you are the pinnacle of what it means to be not only a fantastic student, but also a colleague and friend. As we raise our eyes to the horizon, let’s remember our past accomplishments as we dream of turning our potential into a reality.

Thank each of you for being a part of the Todai Clan. I look forward to seeing each of you soon.

Domou Arigatou Gozaimasu,

Scott Hamilton

Proud Owner of Todai Bujinkan Dojo.

Shidoshi Hamilton

<p>Scott Hamilton is an 8th degree black belt in the Bujinkan, and travels regularly to Japan to train. In addition to being the owner and head instructor of Todai Dojo, Scott is also the CEO of a national manufacturing company. He has also received training in other martial arts, and in-depth modern weapons training.</p>

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