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Self Defense is a human right. Each of us has a right to protect our body and mind. And while the world can be dangerous, we believe no one should have to live in fear. Because of this belief, our mission is to help our students to protect themselves, and to have the confidence to stand up to violence.

The Best Martial Art for Self Defense

Our Martial Arts classes offer the best martial art for self defense. This is because the art of Ninjutsu has evolved over the last 500+ years out of conflict. Unlike some other arts, it has a long history of experience to build upon. More importantly, it provides a well-rounded set of skills effective for virtually any situation. By utilizing the whole body, practitioners learn self defense moves that can defeat a much larger opponent. Techniques include things like striking, joint locks, and throws. This holistic combination of moves makes Ninjutsu one of the best self defense martial arts.

I am now blessed with confidence in my ability to protect myself and those that I care about.

My physical well-being and mental awareness are at an all-lifetime high.

- Robert Pafundi

Self Defense Classes without Compromise

The best martial art is not alone enough. It also requires the best practice. For this reason we don’t compromise the integrity of our self defense classes. Because of this our students get real self defense tools for self protection and not a false sense of security. Students are challenged to rise to the standards. And they are rewarded with real confidence.

Great self defense practices, intense training and weapon self defense.

I was sore after one class for days in areas I never knew could get sore. Great instructors who not only teach you the foundation but are so open to scenario questions and answers.

- Victoria Salas

Real Self Protection = Real Confidence

Many of our students have used the training in our self defense classes in real life to successfully protect themselves. Students have used “soft” skills to diffuse a situation to full on weapon disarming. Each has credited what they learned here as being integral to their survival.

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