When it comes to your Self Defense, never settle for anything less than the Best Martial Art

The martial art of Ninjutsu practiced by Todai Bujinkan Dojo can easily be considered the best martial art for self defense. Combining the traditional and the tactical, you'll be prepared for virtually any situation.

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What makes for the Best Martial Art for Self Defense?

Not all Martial arts are created equally. This is why finding the best martial art for self defense can be difficult. Although every martial art has some connection to their combat roots, they often lose their edge. They become more like visual performance production or sports. They become too focused on making their art available for mass consumption. We believe the real value of a martial art is in its ability to provide real self defense tactics. And we carry that focus in all our training.

Why so many choose Ninjutsu as the Best Martial Art for Self Defense

We believe the art of Ninjutsu is the best martial arts for self defense. In fact, Many Law Enforcement officers and Elite Military Units study our art. This is because our art encompasses a vast number of skill sets. It covers everything from striking, joint locks, throws and weapons training. In addition, it is a living art: it has continued to evolve keeping it relevant for modern combat. This makes it ideal for self protection.

Develop both Mental and Physical Self Defense

Students are trained both physically and mentally for self protection. Our students learn how to have the right mentality to properly identify and survive a situation. Self Defense is mostly a matter of will: how far someone is willing to go to survive. And if things turn physical, they will have the confidence of having the skills of the best martial art for their self defense.

Balancing Traditional with Practical

Todai Bujinkan Dojo dedicates itself to providing training in the best martial arts for self defense. This is done by balancing a traditional martial arts experience with practical skills to defend against any situation. Because of this, our martial arts and self defense training creates a rewarding experience that imparts real confidence.

Todai is a great place to learn a really cool and very practical martial art

...extremely knowledgeable and provides a friendly and comfortable learning environment.

- Brian Fischer

Experience the Best Martial Art for Self Defense with a FREE Lesson