Togakure Ryu Ninpo (戸隠流忍法体術) "Hidden Door School Way of Perseverance"


Taijutsu Ukemi Gata

These “Passive Body Examples” detail how to use shuko when facing an enemy.


Shinobi Gaeshi Gata

This is the Shinobi “Counter Examples”, detailing types of escapes when being cornered or pursued behind enemy lines.


Santo Tonkō no Kata

This is the “Escaping Rat Examples”, detailing how to escape physical capture by enemy.



This is the sword fighting methods of the “Shinobi-gatana”, a type of katana with a slightly shorter blade.

Togakure Ryu History

Due to the nature of the Ryu-ha, and it’s age, it’s very difficult to discern legend from fact with the history of the Ryu-Ha.

The name comes from the official founder of the art – a Samurai by the name of Daisuke Nishina – who was born in the village of Togakure (present day Togakushi) in current-day Nagano prefecture.

Nishina was a member of the Genji Clan. The Genji clan staged a revolt to the then in-power Heiki (Taira) Clan. Unfortunately, the Genji clan was defeated and were driven out of Togakure. Nishina ended up fleeing to Iga where he changed his name to Togakure to reflect his home village.

Iga was a bit of a “melting-pot”, home to defeated warriors, exiles, and bandits. It was here that Nishina met Kain Doshi – a politically exiled warrior-monk from China. With Kain, Nishina learned an alternate perspective on warriorship – one that didn’t involve the Samurai code (“Bushido”) – as well as alternate methods of combat. From this, Togakure Ryu style of Shinobi-jutsu was born.

Togakure Ryu Movement

Most of the techniques of Togakure Ryu are focused on escape; the techniques are meant to momentarily incapacitate the opponent long enough to allow the practitioner to escape and/or hide. It also relies heavy upon specific tools and/or weapons – such as blinding powder (“Me-tsubishi”).

The foot work, particularly in the Santo Tonso no Kata, heavily utilizes cross-stepping (“yoko aruki”) in their pattern of movements. This is somewhat different than the cross-stepping utilized in Koto Ryu movements, and is more exaggerated for use in changing direction quickly.

Togakure Ryu Lineage

  1. Daisuke Togakure (1162)
  2. Shima Kosanta Minamoto no Kanesada (1180)
  3. Goro Togakure (1200)
  4. Kosanta Togakure
  5. Kisanta Koga
  6. Tomoharu Kaneko
  7. Ryuho Togakure
  8. Gakuun Togakure
  9. Koseki Kido
  10. Tenryu Iga
  11. Rihei Ueno
  12. Senri Ueno
  13. Majiro Ueno
  14. Saburo Iisuka
  15. Goro Sawada
  16. Ippei Ozaru
  17. Hachiro Kimata
  18. Heizaemon Kataoka
  19. Ugenta Mori
  20. Gobei Toda
  21. Seiun Kobe
  22. Kobei Momochi
  23. Tenzen Tobari
  24. Seiryu Nobutsuna Toda (1624–1658)
  25. Fudo Nobuchika Toda (1658–1681)
  26. Kangoro Nobuyasu Toda (1681–1704)
  27. Eisaburo Nobumasa Toda (1704–1711)
  28. Shinbei Masachika Toda (1711–1736)
  29. Shingoro Masayoshi Toda (1736–1764)
  30. Daigoro Chikahide Toda (1764–1804)
  31. Daisaburo Chikashige Toda (1804)
  32. Shinryuken Masamitsu Toda (born 1824 – died 1909)
  33. Toshitsugu Takamatsu (born 1887 – died 1972)
  34. Masaaki Hatsumi (born 1931–present)
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