Become Proficient Quickly with Immersive Martial Arts Classes

Our traditional martial arts classes immerse you in training, pushing you to become quickly effective in practical techniques.

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What makes our classes so immersive?

We follow the old Japanese model for our martial arts classes. This means that all ranks train together in the same class. This allows new students to lean on more experienced students for help. Every class balances foundation building, with any number of techniques and scenarios. This makes each class an unique experience, and immerses the student in both the art and culture.

Why take Martial Arts Classes?

Martial Arts training is very different than other types of classes. When properly presented, it offers a rich and unique experience. We believe in maintaining both the integrity of the art and also the experience associated with it. This is because we see the student’s experience important just as is the quality of the martial art technique.

Students are as helpful as the instructor and there is an air of relaxed and fun learning while missing nothing of what is needed and correct in the art.

If you have ever been curious about Ninjutsu, I feel you need to come take a free class to see what this school is all about. It is my humble opinion you will not be disappointed.

- Carl D Ward Jr.

Become proficient in many areas

We study the Art of Ninjutsu, the famous art of the ninja that is over 500 years old. This means it has a long history and culture deeply rooted in feudal Japan. The techniques themselves encompass not just hand to hand combat, but all Japanese mainland weapons (and modern weapons too). These techniques still remain relevant as a practical means of self defense. Students become well rounded warriors, able to face virtually any situation. And as they develop their self protection skills, they gain a deeper understanding of a fascinating culture.

What I love best is the authenticity of it all.

The instructor and students are so knowledgeable. Learning new skills and using the weaponry is empowering and so much fun! Taking this class has really brought something special and positive into my life and I am so happy I found it.

- Dalaney Thompson

Martial Arts Classes Rooted in Japan

To maintain a close connection to the roots of the art, we take regular trips each year to train in Japan with the masters. This immersive experience of training in Japan accelerates the learning process as well as provides valuable insights. This why we model all our martial arts classes around the experience of training in Japan. This gives students the deeper understanding of Japanese martial arts, while also helping them absorb the techniques at a much faster rate.

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